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What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is a publisher-subscriber model for distributing media files to your customers. Content managers publish content by making it available for download and describing it with a simple standard XML format. Podcast subscribers enter the Address of the XML document and automatically download content added to the podcast.

PlayStream Support Easy Podcasting

The PlayStream content manager features a simple two-step wizard for creating a podcast channel and adding media to it. There is no need to create your own RSS feed. Podcast content is downloaded over PlayStream's Small Business Services globally load-balanced progressive download content delivery network. This ensures extremely fast and reliable delivery of your media to your audience around the world.

How is Podcasting different from Webcasting or Streaming?
With webcasting, the content delivery happens as the user is watching or listening. Podcasting is asynchronous: you configure your podcast client to download the content you want, and it will retrieve it automatically so you can listen when you want to. With PlayStream, you can use the same content delivery network for Podcasting and Streaming, as well as manage your media in one convenient place.

What does my audience need to listen to my podcast?
Your audience can use any Podcasting client (also known as a "Podcatcher"). All they need to do is enter the RSS feed URL generated by the PlayStream podcast Wizard, and they will automatically receive content that you add to your podcast.


How do I publish my content on the iTunes podcast directory?
Submitting a podcast to the iTunes podcast directory is as easy as entering your unique podcast RSS feed URL into the "submit podcasts" tool in iTunes. All podcast feeds generated by the PlayStream wizard are properly annotated for the iTunes Podcast Directory.

Does PlayStream support both audio and video podcasts?
Yes. Audio can be in .mp3, or .aac formats. Video can be in .mov or .m4v (H.264) formats. Properly encoded video podcasts will play on the video-capable iPod.

How do I get started?
PlayStream is offering Podcasting as a free value-added service for all of our on-demand account customers. You can publish your first podcast today. Visit our Podcasting Tutorial to learn the process of adding a file to your podcast.

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